Mounting strobes to studio lighting accessories

Written by Gary on April 30th, 2009

Finally there are a couple of new products designed for the strobists who which to use their speedlights or flashes and mount them to studio lighting accessories such as beauty dishes, softboxes, etc.

The Interfit Strobies XS is designed to allow one or two strobes to mount a Interfit or Bowens ‘S mount’ lighting accessory whilst allowing a hot shoe for a radio trigger to be mounted.

Interfit Strobies XS

The Westcott Magic Slipper adapter allows one flash and one radio trigger to mount to Westcott studio lighting accessories.

Westcott Magic Slipper

The main problem with these solutions is that, to give a similar quality of light output as a studio light, you really need to place a diffuser over the strobe (such as a Stofen), and this will significantly reduce the light output. Furthermore, perhaps more importantly, the loss of modeling light capability that a studio light offers can be a serious impediment to accurate portrait lighting.

Another potential issue is whether or not they will allow the new style of TTL-capable radio triggers to be mounted such as the Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 and RadioPopper PX.

If you can afford it, a portable studio light with power pack will usually be a better option.

Lastly, if the recession is hitting you, you can resort to a DIY version using bungee cables such as here.


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