Panasonic G1 – the 1st Micro Four Thirds dSLR

Written by Gary on September 12th, 2008

Panasonic have announced their 1st entry in the Micro Four Thirds dSLR system.

see G1

It seems they wanted to start their foray with a rather conventional design, similar to their non-dSLR digital cameras, but providing image quality and versatility of dSLRs.

Unfortunately, there is no in-body image stabilisation, but they have opted for optical IS in each lens.

The electronic viewfinder seems to be a good one, while the contrast detection AF is apparently as fast as entry level dSLR AF BUT this ONLY works on certain lenses. On other lenses you have to resort to manual focus.

I’m not convinced existing Four Thirds users will be too interested in buying this model, other than perhaps as a near silent second body for shooting in quiet environments – perhaps weddings, etc.

It may well be attractive to those who want better image quality than current non-dSLR digitals (by virtue of its much bigger sensor), while still wanting the same functionality (real time AF live view) in a relatively compact package.

Personally, I am looking forward to more innovative products such as a SLO-MOTION 60fps video capable body or a dedicated infrared body – but will they come through for me?


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