Europe holiday – Rome I

Written by Gary on November 4th, 2010

Next stop on my Europe holiday was Rome.

Rome in October is just awesome, beautiful weather, not to hot, not too crowded, just brilliant for walking around and exploring to all hours of the night – just watch out for the very clever multitude of pick pockets!

A couple in Rome

Walking Rome at night was fantastic, and of course, the many cafes generally offer quite affordable and reasonable meals if away from main tourist hotspots, although choice of food is quite limited, with most cafe’s offering similar touristic food.

A cafe at night in Rome

Some of my photos of Italy have been uploaded to this album.

Nearly all of my photos on this Europe holiday were taken with one of the two combinations:

  • Panasonic GH-1 micro four thirds camera with Lumix 14-140mm 10x zoom – this provided enormous versatility as was my number one walk-around camera for day time use.
  • Panasonic GH-1 with Leica-D 25mm f/1.4 lens – this was my main kit for indoors (eg. museums and art galleries) as well as late afternoon, dusk and night time photography without a tripod. For an even more compact system , you could get the much cheaper, lighter and smaller Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens instead.

The only other lens I wish I could have had with me is a shift lens for all the architecture shots I took on the trip, but this would have been a luxury.


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