Olympus expects their camera unit to return to profitability next year

Written by Gary on January 25th, 2014

Bloomberg reports that Olympus at long last is expecting their camera unit to return to profitability next year.

Olympus is no 1 in the global medical endoscope business and this business leverages off the technologic advances of the camera division, and thus the camera business is important to Olympus.

Olympus camera division has struggled, and despite the global financial crisis, the well-documented internal issues, the rise of smartphones adversely impacting the compact digital point and shoot camera market, Olympus has persisted and come up with big winners with their Olympus OM-D Micro Four Thirds cameras and the lovely lenses they have created for them.

I have long believed that mirrorless cameras will be the way of the future for the far majority of uses, and the camera of the year for 2013, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 has further cemented this belief.

Olympus has said it expects to sell 660,000 units of mirrorless cameras in the year ending March 2014.

Olympus shares almost doubled in value in 2013 as presumably investors could now see a light at the end of the tunnel, and again Olympus has produced world leading cameras which are challenging competitors such as Fuji, Sony,  Canon and Nikon to lift their game and be innovative as well.


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