Pro photographer and YouTube photo educator, Joe Edelman switches from Nikon to Olympus

Written by Gary on December 3rd, 2017

Joe Edelman is one of my favorite YouTube photography tutorial bloggers.

He is a professional photographer who has used Nikon gear for some 40 years, but now has just announced he has switched systems to Olympus gear – primarily, The Olympus OM-D E-M1 mark II and the pro lenses.

See his video for his explanation of why he changed systems and don’t forget to follow his YouTube channel for lots of great photography tutorials. A large part of his decision is the fun element that the smaller Olympus system brings without substantial loss of image quality – an important reason why I also prefer to use Olympus instead of my Canon or Sony full frame pro gear.

For my point of view, a critical aspect of creating photographs is you the photographer – if you are not in the mood, stressed, or overburdened by the weight or cost of your system, then no matter how good your camera gear is, your photography will suffer and lack an optimum level of inspirational creativity. We live in a modern age where modern sensors are perfectly adequate for most photographic chores and small, light, mobile, more affordable gear is often the best choice.


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