20 minutes of photography – rural dreams – a little photo essay

Written by Gary on March 16th, 2009

I have created a short little photo essay derived from 10 minutes of urban photography last weekend and 10 minutes of rural photography this weekend.

Why only 10 minutes this weekend when I had 4 days down the coast with all my cameras?

Well, it started as a leave pass from my long suffering wife that I could go down the coast by myself for a photography trip for a few days…

but as time got closer, she decided that she could really do with getting away from it all as well and it was great to have her company…but….

whilst driving along en route and a small tornado appeared (we don’t get to see many here), I was under strict instructions – no Gary, you don’t need to stop the car and photograph it, and no, we are not going storm chasing, we are having a lovely weekend together.

at the destination on the coast, the sea fog had set in and it was almost dinner time and the local restaurants were soon to close…

I made quick decision, a 30min or so drive by myself up into the hills to get 10min of shots in a location I had scouted a year before.

My wife was happy to stay at the motel as I drove along the winding, wet road through the coastal hills and rainforests until I reached my destination, one of my favorite farm regions which I had always dreamed about but money, realities of life and family duties would mean I would never attain.

I quickly eye-balled a few shots that would fit my little theme all within 100m of each other, set my camera on manual exposure to combat the fog, then raced back down the hill to be ready for dinner.

As it turned out, it poured rain so heavily and consistently over the next 2 days that, combined with certain expectations, my inspiration for photographic creativity never returned.

So here is my little photo essay derived from the two weekends….

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