Proud to announce that Khen Lim from Olympus Malaysia has agreed to collaborate with my photo wiki and blog articles

Written by Gary on September 24th, 2013

In addition to this blog, I have created hundreds of pages in my photography wikipedia which is advertising free and free for anyone to browse as I love photography and how it changes one’s way of viewing their world.

I spend a lot of time writing these wiki articles as I want to share my enthusiasm with the world and hopefully some will find the articles helpful.

So I am very pleased to inform you all that Khen has agreed to collaborate and contribute articles in his areas of expertise.

Whilst I tend to write in point form much of the time for brevity, you will be pleased to have some much more readable content from Khen.

Khen Lim is well known amongst Olympus circles, being a long time evangelist for Olympus since he worked in the photography business in the 1970’s in Australia.

He has contributed to and has been a subscriber to the MyOlympus forum on Yahoo Groups for many years.

His long history with Olympus and close ties will provide valuable insights to the past, present and future of Micro Four Thirds and Olympus gear and philosophy.

I am proud to have him on side collaborating with me and I am sure you will find his articles very interesting indeed.

To kick things off, his first article is timely indeed – his preliminary thoughts on the just announced Olympus OM-D E-M1 Micro Four Thirds camera which includes an extensive view at how it has evolved from the Olympus OM days and the many new features it brings. Of particular interest to many  is his thoughts on what may be in the pipeline with regard to new lenses. He also details why we may never see the Four Thirds dSLR – the E-7.

As the article is in wiki format, there are internal links to other wiki articles I have written such as my page on the E-M1 with links to all the reviews, and listing of all Four Thirds lenses and Micro Four Thirds lenses.

a frozen freeze-proofed E-M1

a still functioning frozen Olympus E-M1 (image courtesy of Olympus Imaging Corporation via Khen)

I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I have. I will keep you posted here with each new article Khen contributes.

In case you get lost in all those links, here is Khen’s article on the E-M1  – “When Wisdom Matures”.



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