Leica M lens adapter for Micro Four Thirds

Written by Gary on December 17th, 2008

At last, there will be an affordable digital solution for those with their much loved Leica M lenses – the new Micro Four Thirds system now will have a Leica M adapter thanks to German manufacturer Novoflex.

Leica M lenses are manual focus lenses designed for 35mm Leica M rangefinders which were the tool of choice for 20th century street photographers.

Unfortunately, their short lens to film distance means they cannot be used on digital SLRs as they have mirror systems. But now, with the Micro Four Thirds there is another way of using these lenses.

Novoflex will also be making other adapters for Micro Four Thirds, although the success of these will depend on the support for obtaining accurate manual focus on these cameras.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Voigtlander dealer and rangefinder info site Cameraquest also have an adapter


  2. Sandy says:

    There is at least one other adapter available