Apple iPod Nano 4th generation – a few gripes

Written by Gary on May 23rd, 2009

OK, I know it has little to do with photography, except that photography is often a solo activity and listening to music can put you in a mood that suits.

After years of resisting buying an Apple product (I despise their customer service principles – in particular, the one the stops you getting your money back on a clearly faulty product as I had experiences with my daughter’s iPod in the past), I finally plunged in and bought the 4th generation Apple iPod Nano 8Gb model.

Very nice, although there seemed to be some interference by announcements at train stations.

BUT, I have a big gripe with it – there are only 2 settings for shuffle (random selection) mode – all songs or album.

Now I like my classic music and have them in a different playlist to my other music – but why can’t we shuffle within a single selected playlist???

I was at the footy last night, and it was not conducive to a good listening experience when the shuffle selected my Beethoven and Mozart.

Now, the online manual says that when you set Settings-Shuffle to album, it should shuffle your selected album OR playlist. But when you start playing a playlist, it plays them sequentially, not in random order, and if you go back to the main menu and select SHUFFLE, it then shuffles ALL SONGS not just your current selected play list.

Lastly, it would seem you can’t re-charge it via USB connection to a computer and listen to it at the same time. To play songs on it, you must eject the iPod but even though still connected to USB, it no longer re-charges.

If anyone can enlighten me I would be pleased to hear from you.


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  1. James says:

    Not a lot i can do for you re the shuffling issue. I myself believe that the ‘randomness’ of the shuffle in the 4th Gen Nano is much worse than others (but that is beside the issue). I can however advise on the charging on comp issue. Within iTunes just click the small arrowy thing next to the iPod and it should go back to the usual menu whilst still charging. If however u dont have iTunes installed and still want to charge it, and it wont work, all i can suggets is to try going to the taskbar at the bottom right hand corner going to the one called ‘hardware’ or something similar, and then click it, should open a menuy thing. Then click to ‘safely remove iPod’ or watver it is. That might work for you. I am not to sure though as i have only ever done it through iTunes.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the tips James.

    You certainly can use the iPod when it has been ejected while connected to the laptop USB, but I will have to test it one day to see if it actually charges it while “disconnected”.