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Photographic Lenses



But which lens to use?

What lens kits with image stabilisation to cover 14-400mm range in 35mm terms:



Testing lens resolution:

Lens mount adapters:

camera mount lens mount-to-film distances (mm)
Olympus OM OM bayonet 46.0
Olympus digital (FourThirds) Four Thirds bayonet 38.67
Nikon F/Digital bayonet 46.5
Canon EOS (EF) bayonet 44.0
Canon FD breech/bayonet 42.0
Leica M bayonet 27.8
Leica LTM screw 28.8
Leica R bayonet 47.0
Pentax K bayonet 45.46
Pentax M42 M42x1 thread screw 45.46
T mount M42x0.75 thread screw 55.0
Minolta AF bayonet 44.5
Minolta MD bayonet 43.5
Contax/Yashica (eg. Carl Zeiss) bayonet 45.5
Contax RF   34.85