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color calibration

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Colour Calibration

Colour space or gamut:

Colour calibration:

Choice of monitor: Calibrating your monitor:

Calibrating your printer:

Calibrating your image editing software using ICC profiles:

A comparison of colour calibration kits:

calibration kit: XRite Huey Eye-One Display 2 Eye-One Design Eye-One Photo CV Spyder 2 Suite CV Spyder 2 Pro CV PrintFix Pro Spyder3 Studio      
approx. price (2007 $Aust) $110   $1846 $2599              
monitor profiling Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y      
monitor calibration checking N Y Y Y N? N? N Y      
ambient light measurement   Y Y Y N Y Y? Y      
printer profiling N N Y Y Y* Y* Y Y      
 - scan rows of RGB print colors N N Y# Y N N Y? Y      
 - scan rows of CYMK colors N N Y# Y N N N?        
 - RGB output profiling N N opt Y N N ?        
 - CYMK output profiling N N opt opt N N N        
spot color measurement N N Y Y N N ? Y?      
scan color measurement N N Y Y N N ? Y      
digital camera profiling N N opt opt (SG version) N N ? ?      
digital projector profiling N N opt Y/opt? N N ? Y      
scanner profiling N N opt Y N N ? ?      
MS Windows Vista compatible   N N N Y Y Y Y      

 * Colorvision's Spyder comes with its PrintFix Plus software which only provides profiles for certain printers.

# only via a mini-color patch which is not as accurate as a test of almost 400 colors in the Eye-One Photo version.