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Olympus E510 Olympus E3 lenses macro firmware Olympus 8080 camera Olympus E330

Four Thirds Digital Lenses

Olympus E-series, Panasonic and Leica

The Four Thirds System:

Lenses for the 4-3rds mount designed for Four-Thirds digital SLRs:

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Olympus Zuiko Digital Lenses (ZD):

SWD = Supersonic Wave Drive auto-focus, Olympus' AF system introduced in 2007 to rival Canon's USM AF.

super high grade Olympus ZD:

high grade Olympus ZD (these tend to be about $A850-1350):

standard consumer quality Olympus ZD lenses (not dust sealed):

Panasonic / Leica Four Thirds digital lenses:

Sigma Four Thirds digital lenses:

Legacy manual focus lenses for use via an adapter:

Adapters for Four-Thirds cameras:


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