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tilt shift

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Photos using the Canon 90mm Tilt Shift lens (TSE 90mm f/2.8)

All images are copyright 2007 Gary Ayton.

Note: these are just some quick experiments to get me used to handling this rather complicated lens. no Photoshop blur effects used - all blur due to tilt lens.

see also: Canon 1D Tilt Shift & perspective control.

see photos-ByLens-Canon1DMIII-EFTSE90mm


Statue of Captain James Cook (discovered Australia in 1770) over-seeing his childhood cottage relocated from Great Ayton township in England.

Focal plane selected to emphasize the statue's and boy's heads, while the blur of the statue's arms and legs and her dogs gives her the appearance of walking the dogs. Hopefully my attempt at bringing her to life has had some success.

focal plane emphasizing the foreground flowers and statue


focal plane selected to emphasise Jess' left eye and right hand