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rural Vic

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All images on this website are copyright 2004-2007 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals.


what lurks behind the shadows of the moonlight?

Olympus E330


High Dynamic Range image using Olympus E330 and PS CS2 to combine 3 exposures and then convert to sepia.


an old Maldon gold mine chimney built 1862


this is the last remaining chimney of its type in Victoria


old Castlemaine Gaol with clouds swirling around a tree



old Castlemaine Gaol with clouds - guess this is what the prisoners used to get to watch day in, day out

old Chevrolet and outdoor dunny (toilet) in Daylesford district


the Pyrenees near Avoca - dappled sunlight raking across the landcsape

don't blow - the tree might just fall - looks like it was ring-barked.


abandoned Swiss-Italian farmhouse


close up in natural colour


Grampians see more here

desolation 9 months after the bushfires - Reid's Lookout looking south



The Balconies after sunset



Reid's Lookout looking southeast Oct 2006

and yes ... another look at the remnants of that bushfire



Wind mill - Bacchus Marsh



dead Eucalypt - Rowsley


no rain in them clouds

no rain in them clouds - near Werribee Gorge


lost dreams

lost dreams - Mt Blackwood farmhouse


fallen tree

fallen tree in gully - Werribee Gorge State Park


ghost town

Ghost town - Steiglitz



dry farmlands near Werribee Gorge State Park



2007 - will the drought end or will there be more ghost towns?


sheep during drought amongst farm ruins Loddon River (now dry)


Strathloddon farmhouse ruins


railway bridge Malmsbury