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Night photos

All images on this website are copyright 2007 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals.

No post-processing such as Photoshop effects have been used here (except for resize, crop) - to see those go to digital art.

These were my initial experiences with these cameras using their image stabiliser technologies WITHOUT a tripod although I did steady myself as much as possible, although at times this was difficult leaning across the cold waters of the port attempting to rest on a pier.

These were taken on one night's meanderings in Melbourne's winter night whilst waiting for my daughters who I had dropped off at the opening night of The Phantom of the Opera. The images were just to experiment with how far I could push these cameras. 

All taken with AWB. No RAW processing on PC. Note there is lens flare in some of the Olympus images as the front element is very convex and protruding so the nearby flood lights hitting it cause flare which is compounded when a few rain drops hits the glass.

Olympus set to low NR and normal sharpness; No post-processing on any image.

First with the Olympus E510 and the fantastic Olympus ZD 7-14mm f/4.0 lens at f/4.0 and ISO 400:

not bad hand held at 1/2 sec at 400ISO!! Goes to show how good the 510's chip-based IS is - wouldn't leave home without it!

this one is above my head, hand held in very light rain (ISO 400, 0.62sec at f/4.5 at 7mm focal length)

happy patrons leaving Melbourne's Princess Theatre and the opening night of The Phantom

This was taken at 800ISO, 1/30th sec, f/4.0 at 7mm from the edge of the pavement showing how wide that 7mm is (14mm in 35mm equivalent focal length).

and another view of the Phantom - ISO 800, 1/15th sec

And, now for the Canon 1D Mark III and the Canon EF 24-105mm L IS lens at f/4.0:

sticking with the Phantom, and a violinist busker 1/20th sec, ISO 2500

Melbourne's Rialto buildings and the new Southern Cross railway station (1/15th, 2500ISO)

Melbourne's Bolte Bridge (1/15th, 2500ISO)

and another view with me suspended over the water trying to see through the viewfinder (damn wish it had Live Preview in AF like my Olympus E330 - but you can't always get what you want - at least I didn't fall in the freezing water). ISO 3200 1/12th sec.

Cow in a tree

the Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling ship (ISO 3200, 1/10th sec)

Melbourne's Telstra Dome - my favourite stadium for night AFL football (ISO 800, 1/4sec)

finally, the Telstra Dome and the Rialto buildings as seen from Dockland's restaurants - again with me suspended over the water. (ISO 2500, 1/15th sec)