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apart from the first table of the lighthouse, click on images to enlarge, hope you enjoy them.

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All images on this website are copyright 2004 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals.

An experiment into optical IR filter vs Photoshop filter technique, fortunately this scene is well lit from the sun behind me allowing me to get dark blue skies without any filters, if the sky was much brighter than the scene and containing clouds in which I wanted to retain detail, then I would have been best to use an optical gradated filter to darken the sky to prevent it from being burnt out as Photoshop would never be able to get the highlight details back once burnt out in the camera. See also filters.

"original image", only UV filter, no manipulation apart from resizing. Mooloolaba.

Hoya R72 infra-red filter, ~5sec exposure, Photoshop to convert to B&W and adjust contrast.

see also infra-red photography

original image manipulated with Photoshop to B&W via Optiverve filter plug-in

original image manipulated with Photoshop to monochrome via Optiverve filter plug-in

click here for larger version of this image


The Louvre, Paris? 

No, it's Brisbane's King George Square and City Hall

original image, resized, approx. 15sec exposure

original image with foreground sculptures masked and Photoshop filter applied to give it a bit more 3D effect


Brisbane King George Square with a little atmospheric effect from Photoshop. ~15sec exposure.


same image with some tedious Photoshop masking effect to highlight the statues and sculpture.


Brisbane street artist with home made fume extractor!

Great art work, but not sure about his longevity.

see his website http://jazrt.com


Brisbane's Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art:

Blinded by the Light 1991 Yasumasa Morimura self-portrait Type C photograph

This is a reconstruction of a 1568 painting by Pieter Brueghel - Parable for the blind

It symbolises the heady consumerism of a Japanese family in the 1980's as they adopt Western values at the expense of their own tradition.

Now for my self-portrait - in an ultraviolet art installation in a small room with mirrors.

 hand held using the Olympus E330 live preview to compose at waist level.

f/4, 1/15th sec at ISO 800, no IS or NR.