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All images on this website are copyright 2004 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals.


what lurks behind the shadows of the moonlight?

Olympus E330


High Dynamic Range image using Olympus E330 and PS CS2 to combine 3 exposures and then convert to sepia.


morning cyclist at Melbourne's Dockland precinct

Olympus E330


mad man in padded cell 

this one required a bounced flash inside the cell as well as the on-camera flash to subtly light the outside of the door. The benefits of Olympus E330's built-in flash's ability to manually adjust output down to 1/64th.



Historic time ball tower - which allowed shipmasters to correct their chronometers from 1852 to 1926

there is a large ball at the top of the tower which used to be raised & lowered to signal the time. 


And.. an anchor used for convict prisoner hulk ships anchored off Williamstown c1820, all this at the site of the 1st telegraph in the Southern Hemisphere in 1854, at the height of the Victorian gold rush.









infra-red photo


Timeball tower and 1820's convict prisoner hulk ship anchor